Buy Cannabis Hash online Ireland, Our Hash solid souvenirs are named after popular cannabis strains with similar terpene profiles. They are  related to the THC strains, all our THC flowers come from carefully grown Synergy Framer In California  .

What is Amnesia Jelly Hash? A lost and dying art, charas or temple balls are hand rolled resin or hashish. Charas slightly differs from pure hashish in the sense that charas are produced with fresh flowers while hashish typically is produced with dead or dried flowers. Buy Lebanese hash online.

These beautiful and aromatic charas hash balls are considered to be the original form and method of extracting concentrates, first appearing thousands of years ago when humans began using cannabis.

The ancient craft consists of hand rubbing fresh cannabis flowers. During this process, the flowers secret oils and THC as compounds are activated by the warmth of friction during rubbing, and live resin collects and builds up in the palm of one’s hands. Buy Cannabis Hash online Ireland,

Thereafter, plant material is removed, leaving behind only the highly potent THC resinous materials. Due to the careful method of extraction, temple balls typically range between 55% to 80% in THC potency. While not as common these days, this artisan methodology is still widely practiced in parts of South Asia such as Nepal, Bhutan and Northern India where cannabis plants grow in the wild.

Traditionally, charas were smoked with chillum pipes, though these days are often dabbed or smoked with joints or bongs. If you’re looking into different ways of experiencing cannabis, using Charas Temple Hash is one way of partaking in the preservation of a magical relationship and intimate cultural practice that humans have had with cannabis for centuries!

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